How to go to Sun Moon Lake from Taipei

Sun Moon Lake is a picturesque spot nestled in the mountains of central Taiwan (also known as Taichung). It’s no doubt one of the most popular sights in Taiwan. For those who are visiting Taiwan for the first time, taking a day trip to Sun Moon Lake will elevate your experience in Taiwan to new heights. Even better, stay over for a night to admire the golden hues of the sunset shimmering upon the lake’s surface. Also, if you’re lucky enough, meteorite showers can be seen in this region.

While there are plenty of things to see and do in Taipei already, it’s still worth making a trip to Sun Moon Lake. For those who are embarking on their adventure Taipei first, here’s a detailed guide on how to get to Sun Moon Lake from Taipei.

Getting To Sun Moon Lake from Taipei

There are several ways to get to Sun Moon Lake. The fastest way is to take a high speed rail from Taipei to Taichung first, then take a bus to Sun Moon Lake.

By Taiwan High Speed Rail (THSR)

Travel from Taipei to Taichung in just 1.5 to 2 hours via the high speed rail. One-way ticket costs NTD375 (SGD$16) Once you have arrived at Taichung station, go to the 1st floor, Exit 5, Platform 3rd platform, and take the Taiwan Tourist Shuttle to Sun Moon Lake.

Pro tip: If you plan to explore different cities in a row, then getting the Taiwan High Speed Railway (THSR) pass will be the most economical.

For quick access, the Puyuma and Taroko trains clock in at under 1h40, while the Tze-Chiang train typically takes about 2h30. Keep in mind, that these options are significantly faster than the Local Train, which makes frequent stops along the track.

By Taiwan Railway (TRA)

Another convenient option to travel from Taipei to Taichung is by train. While the journey may take a bit longer compared to the HSR, it comes at a considerably lower cost. A one-way ticket typically costs NTD241 (SGD$10). The specific expenses and travel duration primarily depend on the train you choose, but expect a travel time of approximately 2 to 3.5 hours. Same thing, you will get off at Taichung Station, then take the Taiwan Tourist Shuttle to Sun Moon Lake.

By Car

Take control of your schedule and enjoy a liberating trip by opting to drive, which typically takes approximately 2.5 to 3 hours.

By Long Distance Bus 

There is also a long distance bus, Kuo-Kuang Motor Transport #1833, that departs from Taipei Main Bus Station as early as 6.50am, however, the journey takes about 3.5 to 4hours to get to Sun Moon Lake. It’s a direct bus ride to Sun Moon Lake that costs NTD470 one-way.

Taipei Departure: First bus 6:50am; Last bus 15:30pm

Sun Moon Lake Departure: First bus 9:45am; Last bus 4:45 pm

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