Everything you need to know about the Taiwan High Speed Rail Pass

If you are planning a holiday in Taiwan, you must not miss out on travelling through the Taiwan High-Speed Rail (THSR). With its impeccable service, the THSR is considered one of the best transportation modes to travel between the big cities of Taiwan quickly and easily. And if you are a budget-conscious traveller, the THSR Pass will save you a ton of money.

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Types of THSR Pass

There are two types of THSR Pass: 2-Day Flexi Pass and 3-Day Consecutive Pass

The 2-day Flexi Pass gives the user access to unlimited rides on all THSR trains for any 2 days. For any two days within a designated seven-day period, you are permitted unlimited rides on Taiwan High-Speed Rail trains.

The 3-day Consecutive Pass entitles the holder to three days of unlimited travel on Taiwan High-Speed Rail trains! Take advantage of three days of unlimited boarding on Taiwan High-Speed Rail (THSR) trains on all routes!

Benefits of the Taiwan High-Speed Rail Pass

1. Affordable and Convenient

The THSR Pass grants you unlimited travel within your chosen travel time frame on the high-speed trains that connect Taipei with all other major cities in Taiwan. It’s an excellent bargain if you’re planning on covering multiple cities on your Taiwan itinerary. Besides being cost-effective, the THSR service is also speedy, cutting down your travel time significantly. You can arrive at your destination quickly and comfortably without worrying about the hassle of public transport.

2. Flexible Travel Options

One of the primary advantages of purchasing the THSR Pass is its flexibility. Suppose you are undecided about your travel itinerary or unsure of the duration of your stay in Taiwan. In that case, the THSR Pass gives you the freedom to choose as you go. You can tailor your travel dates to fit your needs, whether that’s a 3-day trip or a 7-day adventure.

3. Seating Selection

Another fantastic benefit of the THSR Pass is the freedom to select seats and carriages. You can reserve your preferred seat, including those in the front row or with a window view, in advance to make your journey more comfortable.

Pro tip: To ride in a reserved seat, please visit the ticket counter in a THSR station to reserve a seat at no additional charge. Online redemption and reservation of seats can be done via the following website –

4. Eco-friendly and Safe way of Travel

The THSR is eco-friendly and sustainable, reducing carbon emissions by cutting down on Taiwan’s road traffic.

A Taiwan High-Speed Rail Pass is an absolute must if you’re planning to travel across various cities in Taiwan. Plan your itinerary, buy your pass, and make unforgettable memories in this fantastic country.

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