Singapore’s National Day Parade 2023 Rehearsal Fireworks: Date, Time and Best Viewing Spots

Get ready for a dazzling July in Singapore! While we may not have traditional summer fireworks festivals, the city is still lighting up the night sky. Leading up to the National Day Parade 2023, there are rehearsals happening every week with fireworks included!

If you’ve got a date this week, why not make it extra special by watching the mesmerizing fireworks together after dinner?


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For the best views of the spectacle, make your way to Gardens by the Bay East, Esplanade, The Promontory, or Helix Bridge. At 8:15 PM, the fireworks ignite, filling the sky with a vivid exhibition of fire and light. And that’s not all—up next is the breathtaking main fireworks show in the spotlight, accompanied by the resounding notes of the national anthem.

  • NDP Rehearsals: July 2, 8, 15 (over)
  • NDP Previews: July 22, 29
  • NDP 2023: August 9

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