Asia’s First Gamified Go-Kart – HyperDrive at The Palawan @ Sentosa

F1 Singapore Grand Prix was an exciting race! With late crashes, teamwork, and Carlos Sainz incredible performance, it’s sure to make any fans itching to experience just a little bit more in Singapore. Why not scratch that itch at Asia’s very first gamified electric Go-Kart Circuit!  

HyperDrive is a three-level indoor racetrack spanning 308 meters long, 5.3 meters wide, and 14 exciting turns. There are wide spaces for racers to overtake and outmanoeuvre  everybody. Designed by a former karting world champion, David Terrien, this track is built for excitement! The karts are very powerful, boasting industry-leading specs, ergonomic seats, and pro-level steering wheels to give you the real experience. 

It’s not just about speed and skills, power ups are an integral part of this race. While racing, power ups may pop up on your screen, used to sabotage your friends, boost your speeds, or protect yourself from your friend’s attacks. Strategise your power ups to make the most out of them!  

I thought that racing at 30km/h max speeds sounded super slow. But really, when your car is small, doorless, and is so close to the ground, 30km/h is pretty fast! Everyone starts at this max speed, called Novice level, and people without a car or motorcycle licence are allowed to drive! However, if you have a licence, you have a chance to increase your max speed. You will need to reach a novice lap of 34.5 seconds and below for you to move up to the Advanced level! Your max speed will be increased to 50km/h, a similar to the speed for an actual car on the road, but in this tiny kart! An exhilarating experience! 

Photo from HyperDrive website

There are three types of karts to pick from, Junior Karts, Senior Karts, and Dual Karts.  

Junior Karts are designed for children. They are easier to manage karts with lighter steering and lighter acceleration. The kart is limited to Novice level, with a max speed of 30km/h.   

Senior Karts are for those who are more experienced and looking for an authentic race experience. With stronger acceleration, harder handling, but the best thrill, this is the kart you’d want to drive! These karts can be set at Novice level or Advanced level, meaning that their max speed can go up to 50km/h!  

For these two karts, no licence is needed but you will need to be at least 9 years old, 130cm for junior karts, and 140cm for senior karts. 

Dual Karts are 2 seaters, for families with little ones! One driver and one passenger. The driver will need a car or motorcycle licence and be at least 140cm tall while the passenger just needs to be 90cm tall of any age.  


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Safety is a priority at HyperDrive, with top notch safety measures in place to ensure the safety of all racers. Before getting into the kart, there is a safety brief for all the rules and regulations, and a helmet fitting that will ensure that a helmet that will protect you. Many more behind the scenes safety measures are in place so you can race with confidence!  

After racing, visit the HyperDrive café that has a great view of the circuit. You can watch the actions from the next race as you dine on diner-style food and cocktails. Over-the-top pancakes, classic burgers, salads, and snacks, the food is filling for anybody looking for a snack or even a meal.  

Pricing  Senior Kart ($) 

(1 / 2 / 3 sessions) 

Junior Kart ($) 

(1 / 2 / 3 sessions) 

Dual Kart ($)  

(1 / 2 / 3 sessions) 

Peak  45 / 86 / 122  40 / 76 / 108  50 / 95 / 135 
Off Peak  35 / 67 / 95  30 / 57 / 81  40 / 76 / 108 

Prices are in SGD$ 

Getting there is easy! Take the Sentosa Express towards Beach Station, and HyperDrive is a quick 3 minute walk.  

If you’re driving, there is a multi-storey carpark at Beach Station.  

Covered shoes are needed and try your best to not wear loose-fitting clothing like dresses as you will be required to rent a racing suit for $10 to drive.  

HyperDrive is at the Palawan @ Sentosa, together with HydroPark, UltraGolf, and The Palawan Dog Run. After you are done racing, head over to the other attractions for an action-packed day out.

Operating hours:
Mondays to Fridays, 12.30 pm to 9 pm, last entry at 8.30 pm
Saturdays, Sundays, Public and School Holidays, 10 am to 9 pm, last entry at 8.30 pm 

Junior Kart  For 9 years old and above, 130cm and above 
Senior Kart  For 9 years old and above, 140cm and above 
Dual Kart  Driver – 18 years old and above, 140cm and above, must possess a valid car or motorcycle licence;
Passenger – 90cm and above 


Take note of the following requirements for the Novice and Advanced Levels (i.e. speed of the kart): 

  • A car and motorcycle licence are not required for eligible participants at the Novice Level (maximum speed of 30km/h) for Junior and Senior karts. 
  • Participants who wish to drive at the Advanced Level (maximum speed of 50km/h) need to attain a novice lap time of 34.5 seconds and below, 18 years old and above and possess a valid car or motorcycle licence.  

Address: 54 Palawan Beach Walk, 098233

Number: 6277 7091


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