Toku Nori: The Newest Instagrammable Handroll Restaurant In Singapore

Toku Nori is a brand new Japanese Izakaya restaurant specializing in craft handrolls with the freshest of ingredients, and the boldest of flavours. The name Toku Nori is explicitly chosen where ‘Toku’ means ‘special’, and Nori means ‘seaweed’ in the Japanese language. Thus at Toku Nori, they believe that eating handrolls is a special experience that should be shared.

The seaweed is cultivated off the coast of Japan in pristine waters and dried using traditional methods to preserve their natural flavours and crisp texture. Not only does Toku Nori bring in premium quality seaweed, but they also bring in premium grade Japonica pearl rice, or koshihikari, in Japanese. This rice is cooked to perfection to balance the moisture, stickiness and subtle sweetness serving to complement the flavours of their fresh fish.

Located along Telok Ayer Street, this 40-seater Japanese restaurant incorporates design elements of traditional Japanese handroll bars with modern day aesthetics. This quaint Japanese establishment is a great place for an authentic shared experience with friends and family.

Signature Handrolls

Hotate Handroll – Yuzu Kosho, Lime, and Chives. Paired with Funaguchi Sparkling Sake.

Hotate Handroll. Photo Taken From Toku Nori.

Hamachi Handroll – Nikiri, Yukari, Shironegi. Paired with Okunomatsu Shinbun-Maki Junmai.

Hamachi Handroll. Photo Taken From Toku Nori.

Maguro Handroll – Smoked Onion Cream, Shallots. Paired with Ohyama Tomizu Tokubetsu Junmai.

Maguro Handroll. Photo Taken From Toku Nori.

Salmon Handroll – Mentaiko, Spiced Crumbs. Paired with Tamano Hikari Blue Fox Junmai Ginjyo.

Salmon Handroll. Photo Taken From Toku Nori.

Engawa Handroll – Shiro Miso, Roast Garlic. Paired with Tenryohomare Karakuchi Ginjyo.

Engawa Handroll. Photo Taken From Toku Nori.

To try all five of Toku Nori’s signature handrolls, you can order the Toku Nori Set which is priced at $38. Customers who love sake can also opt for the Sake Pairing option to complement their meal for an additional $18.

Toku Nori’s signature premium rolls are also recommended. Choose between the Uni Stack roll or Foie Gras roll.

Izakaya Dishes

Besides from their handrolls, Toku Nori also serves Izakaya style dishes. Here you can find small side plates of their more popular Maguro Poppers, Chicken Ribs, Renkon Chips and Hamachi Crudo.

Renkon Chips. Photo Taken From Toku Nori.
Marguo Poppers. Photo Taken From Toku Nori.
Chicken Ribs. Photo Taken From Toku Nori.
Hamachi Crudo. Photo Taken From Toku Nori.

Apart from these dishes, Toku Nori also offers a set lunch option during lunch hours where diners can choose between the Toku Wagyu Don and the Unatama Don. Each set comes with a choice of drink and allows you customize your main with add-ons for an additional fee.


Toku Nori offers Japanese inspired cocktails that take craft cocktail to a whole new level. These 5 cocktails are all distinctively different in flavour profile and definitely add more instagrammability to your food pictures when you dine with them.

Toku Highball – Whiskey, Lemon, Soda.

Toku Highball. Photo Taken From Toku Nori.

Ginza Garden – Yuzu Sake, Botanical Gin.

Ginza Garden. Photo Taken From Toku Nori.

Japanese Slipper – Melon, Orange, Lemon.

Japanese Slipper. Photo Taken From Toku Nori.

Momo-Shu – Umeshu, Peach Schnapps, Soda.

Momo-Shu. Photo Taken From Toku Nori.

Tokyo Mule – Vodka, Ginger, Cucumber.

Tokyo Mule. Photo Taken From Toku Nori.

Phone: 8082 6536

Operating Hours:

Every other day except Sunday.

11:45AM – 2:30PM, 5:30PM – 11:30PM.

Address: 200A Telok Ayer St, Singapore 068638

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