Find Out Which Terminal Your Flight is Departing From or Arriving at in Singapore Changi Airport

Singapore Changi Airport serves a total of 84 airlines through its 4 Terminals. It can be confusing at times to know which terminal your flight may be departing from or arriving at at Singapore Changi International Airport due to it sheer size. This article will help clarify how to reclassify these terminals through our own understanding to better understand the organization of arriving and departing flights.

Terminal 1

SINGAPORE – 23 JUN 2023: Terminal 1 is Singapore Changi Airport’s very first terminal and has served Singapore for the last 40 years. It made Singapore a major international aviation hub. Photo taken by Dr David Singh from ShutterStock.

Terminal 1 although is used as Scoot’s main terminal for it’s home hub, T1 also serves as a major terminal for most international carriers to Changi Airport. This is essentially the Oneworld member terminal dominating with 7 out of a total of 10 airline members servicing Singapore based here. Some of the major carriers include British Airways, Qantas, Qatar Airways and Japan Airlines. This terminal also is home to Star Alliance (4) and Skyteam (3) members. You will also find several low cost carriers aside from scoot that is based in T1 such as Indigo Airlines and Zip air. T1 also holds the most number of airlines standing at 28.


British Airways Oneworld
Finnair Oneworld
Fiji Airways Oneworld
Japan Airlines Oneworld
Qantas Oneworld
Qantas Link Oneworld
Qatar Airways Oneworld
Air China Star Alliance
Shenzhen Airlines Star Alliance
Thai Airways Star Alliance
Turkish Airlines Star Alliance
Air France Skyteam
KLM Royal Dutch Airlines Skyteam
Xiamen Airlines Skyteam
Scoot Value
Aero Dili
Air Niugini
Bangkok Airways
Cambodian Airways
Chongqing Airlines
Hebei Airlines
Indigo Airlines
Myanmar Airlines International
Philippine Airlines
Shandong Airlines
Zip Air
Accurate as of 7th Feb 2024 as per Changi Airport Arrival Website.

Terminal 2

SINGAPORE – NOVEMBER 06, 2023: self check-in kiosks in Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 2. Photo taken by Sorbis on ShutterStock.

A major hub for homegrown national carrier Singapore Airlines, the carrier is split across both T2 and T3 for arrivals and departures with T2 servicing regional South-East Asian destinations within the SQ network. As stated from Singapore Airline’s official website:

Singapore Airlines customers flying to South East Asian destinations, Dhaka in Bangladesh, Male in Maldives, Kathmandu in Nepal, Colombo in Sri Lanka, Japan (with the exception of SQ12*) and South Korea should check in at Terminal 2.

Besides from Singapore Airlines, T2 is also home to 9 Star Alliance members out of 17 members servicing Singapore. Which is why T2 is mainly a Star Alliance member terminal. The terminal had recently reopened at the start of 1st November 2023 after it had undergone major renovation works. This was done to allign the aesthetics of the terminal to a more contemporary and modern design that complements Jewel and the newer surrounding complex.

Airline Alliance
Air India Star Alliance
Air India Express Star Alliance
All Nippon Airways Star Alliance
Ethiopian Airlines Star Alliance
Lufthansa Star Alliance
Sichuan Airlines Star Alliance
Singapore Airlines Star Alliance
Swiss Airlines Star Alliance
United Airlines Star Alliance
Malaysia Airlines Oneworld
Air Macau
Royal Brunei Airlines
Accurate as of 7th Feb 2024 as per Changi Airport Arrival Website.

Terminal 3:

Changi, Singapore – February 3, 2023: Singapore Airlines airplanes at Changi Airport (SIN) in Singapore. Photo taken by Markus Mainka on ShutterStock.

T3 is similar to T2 where it is the base for long-haul Singapore Airlines destinations flying to places such as Oceania, Japan, the United States and Canada. Not forgetting it’s extensive network to European destinations.

T3 can also be considered the Skyteam member terminal, with this alliance having a dominating presence here with 5 out of 10 member airlines servicing Singapore from here. Some of these members being major regional partners.

Airline Alliance
China Airlines Skyteam
China Eastern Skyteam
Garuda Skyteam
Saudia Skyteam
Vietnam Airlines Skyteam
Asiana Star Alliance
Eva Air Star Alliance
Air New Zealand Star Alliance
Singapore Airlines Star Alliance
Sri Lankan Airlines Oneworld
Air Calin
Air Premia
Batik Air
Batik Air (Malaysia)
Bhutan Airlines
Biman Bangladesh Airlines
Gulf Air
Lion Air
Malindo Air
Myanmar National Airlines
Thai Lion Air
US Bangla Airlines
Accurate as of 7th Feb 2024 as per Changi Airport Arrival Website.

Terminal 4

SINGAPORE – JUNE 16, 2018 : Beautiful exterior design of New airport terminal call as Terminal 4 at Changi International Airport, Singapore. Photo taken by Alen Thein from ShutterStock.

The last and newest terminal opened in 2017 is located further away from the main vicinity of the rest of the airport terminals, but still serve as a very important terminal for regional tourists. This terminal sees a mix of partners from various alliances such as Skyteam, Oneworld and Value alliances. Notably it serves as a terminal for a majority of regional asian low cost carriers, in addition to several national carriers such as Cathay Pacific, Korean Airlines and Delta Airlines.

Airline Alliance
Delta Airlines Skyteam
Korean Airlines Skyteam
Cathay Pacific Oneworld
Cebu Pacific Value
Jeju Air Value
Air Asia
Bamboo Airways
Guangxi Beibu Gulf Airlines
Hainan Airlines
Hong Kong Express
Jetstar Asia
Jetstar International
June Yao Air
Pacific Airlines
Spring Airlines
Thai Vietjet
Accurate as of 7th Feb 2024 as per Changi Airport Arrival Website.

To consolidate the information, the easiest way to remember where to go whether you’re arriving or departing from Singapore Changi Airport is that T1 is a Oneworld Terminal, Terminal 2 is a Star Alliance Terminal and T3 is a Skyteam Terminal. This is not a hard and fast rule, but the majority of alliance carriers fall within their respected alliance terminals.

If you’re flying with Singapore Airlines, T2 will be for regional and some Asia-Pacific destinations and T3 will be for long haul and ultra long haul destinations.

Always double check your ticket and booking for the right terminal.

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