Home See & Do With the World’s First Instagram Butler, Feel Free to Ditch Your Selfie...
Home See & Do With the World’s First Instagram Butler, Feel Free to Ditch Your Selfie...

With the World’s First Instagram Butler, Feel Free to Ditch Your Selfie Stick


It’s finally happened – the world’s first Instagram butler is now a thing. And yes, it does exactly what you’d imagine – bringing guests around to the most beautiful spots around to get the best shots they can to spruce up their IG feed.

Now, that’s a job that almost every Millennial and every generation after would want to do. Officially titled as the “Instagram Butler”, Conrad Maldives has been offering a service that may perhaps become a permanent fixture for beautiful hotels with picturesque scenery all around the world.

The hotel believes it’s the first of its kind to offer this service, taking travel curation and experiences to new levels. Hotels are often not the main attraction on your travels, but in a place like the Maldives, hotels are integral to the entire travel experience.

Conrad Maldives’ Instagram Butler knows all the ins and outs of the best photogenic spots throughout the hotel. From knowing the best times of the day for certain shots to the best poses you can do for that perfect picture – think of the butler as the perfect Instagram boyfriend/girlfriend.

The hotel began experimenting with these “Insta Trails” back in 2017 with bloggers and influencers before opening it up as a full-fledged service to all guests later in October that year.

Fast forward to today, and the Instagram Butler service has been finetuned to complement and pair with special itineraries catered by Conrad Maldives.

Go for a 1-hour stargazing experience or if you have more time, a comprehensive 5-hour tour around the entire island for the best spots as well as learn more about Maldivian culture.

One of the more popular spots around the hotel is undoubtedly the Ithaa, Conrad Maldives’ undersea restaurant that is as magical as they come. Imagine eating with a myriad of sea creatures swimming all around you.

But perhaps it’s not too surprising that the Ithaa is one of the most photographed spots, being named the “most beautiful restaurant in the world” by the New York Daily News back in 2014.

Set 5m below sea level, the wining and dining at the Ithaa is a must for guests staying at the Conrad Maldives. We’d guarantee that your Instagram post will see a boost in likes.

The hotel has perfectly leveraged on the growing trends of Instagrammability as a key component for travel for many young folks. For a far-flung and rather remote place like the Maldives, such curated experiences that inspires wanderlust may be what is needed to draw more tourists, those with deep pockets of course.

But it’s truly a win-win situation for everyone involved – guests get all the Insta-worthy shots they can handle, and the hotel gets all the social media attention it needs.

Don’t be surprised as the world catches on to this not-all-too-secret service.


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