Home Recommendations Shopping in Taipei: Who Should Shop Where
Home Recommendations Shopping in Taipei: Who Should Shop Where

Shopping in Taipei: Who Should Shop Where


It’s no secret that Taipei is every foodie’s wonderland. While you might think that the nation excels in making delicious street food and addictive bubble tea, it is also a shopping haven! If Taiwanese has a national pastime, it would be shopping!

Although Taipei city’s total land area is smaller than Singapore, there is an abundance of shopping districts filled with luxury goods and apparels, handicrafts, skincare products and local delicacies. Depending on your interest and mood, we have curated several locations that will appeal to both the shopaholic and foodie in you.

For the Fashionista

Those looking to overhaul heir wardrobe, head over to Zhong Xiao East Road. There you’ll find international brands like ZARA, Uniqlo, just to name a few, alongside Taiwan’s SOGO departmental store that has almost everything ranging from apparels to books. For local brands, they are usually located along the streets and alleys. At Zhongxiao Dunhua Road, you will find independent retailers selling one-of-a-kind accessories as well as instagrammable cafes and more.

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If you’re looking for something more high-end (think luxury goods), try the Taipei 101 and Bellavita mall. 

Zhong Xiao Dunhua Shopping Area
Sec. 4, Zhongxiao E. Rd., Da’an Dist., Taipei City 106

Getting there: Take the Bannan (Blue) line to Zhongxiao Fuxing Station. Go to Exit 4.

For the Lover of Art and Culture

Your shopping experience is not confined only to swanky malls and departmental stores. For those interested in the local culture and arts scene, head over to Huashan Creative Park 1914. This complex used to be a privately-owned winery. Today, it is a cultural avenue for exhibitions, art galleries, shops, and restaurants.
Just like Singapore has Gilman Barracks, in Taipei, it would be Huashan Creative Park 1914. The site is popular among the locals and tourists because of its rustic aesthetics and visual-arresting art installations, so now you know where to go for your #ootd. Tired from all the walking? Enjoy your tea break at one of the cafes.

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Huashan 1914 Creative Park
No. 1, Section 1, Bade Road, Zhongzheng District, Taipei City, Taiwan 100

Getting there: Take the Bannan (Blue) line to Zhong Xiao Xin Sheng Station. Go to Exit 1 and walk straight until you see the park.

For the Gourmand

It would be a big mistake to skip the night markets in Taiwan! If you’re visiting Taipei for the first time, be sure to check out Shilin Market – one of the biggest, liveliest night markets in Taipei. It started as a small street of vendors, fast forward to today it has evolved into a mega night market which continues to welcome a steady flow of tourists to experience the most iconic night market in Taiwan.

Over here, you will find not just trendy clothes and trinkets, but delicious street snacks and even retro arcade games. You definitely have to try the authentic fried chicken fillet, smelly tofu, and the local’s favourite Taiwanese-style oyster omelette. Once done, wash it down with some local beer, and continue shopping.

Shihlin Night Market
Taipei City, 111, No. 65, Section 5, Zhongshan North Road

Getting there: Take the Tamsui (Red) line to Jiantan station. Go to Exit 1 and cross the street to the left to enter the night market.

For the Gardening Lover

Swing by Jianguo Holiday Flower Market to spend a refreshing day! This place is only open during the weekend and is popular with the locals. If you’re a self-professed gardening lover then you must make a pitstop here. The colourful market filled with aisles of roses, orchids and potted plants will lift your spirit! You can also find assorted teas, organic produce, and gardening tools here.

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Bonus: At the end of the flower market, you’ll find rows of vendors selling trinkets, silvers, and jade jewellery of all kind of designs – this is the Taipei Holiday Jade Market. For those who are interested in designing your jewellery from scratch, this is the place to be and you get to put your haggling skill to the test.

Jianguo Holiday Flower & Jade Market 
Section 1, Jianguo South Road, Da’an District, Taipei City, Taiwan 106

Getting there: Take the Xiangshan (Red) line to Da’an Park station. Go to Exit 5 and continue walking straight until the first intersection at Jianguo South Road. Take a left on Jianguo and continue walking straight until the intersection of Ren’Ai Road. The market is located at this intersection at the south side, physically underneath Jianguo South Road. It is also possible to enter the market through one of the emergency exits before reaching Ren’Ai.

For the Seafood Lover

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Fish, fish, l love seafood.

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If you’re craving for fresh seafood, head over to Zhongshan District’s Taipei Fish Market and Addiction Aquatic Development (AAD Seafood Market). These two are the biggest seafood markets in Taipei — possibly the local’s best-kept secret. Expect to find a variety of seafood at reasonable prices. Here is where you get to try local seafood like Taiwanese crabs and fresh catch of the day.

Besides shopping for seafood, you can find a sushi bar, BBQ and steamboat restaurants within the complex. Similar to the Noryangjin Fish Market of Seoul, here you can also purchase your seafood and have them prepared in the restaurant of your choice. There are also alfresco cafes serving desserts too.

Important to know: Credit cards are not accepted here, so remember to bring cash with you!

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It is recommended to take a taxi due to the slightly inconvenient location by public transit.

Addiction Aquatic Development & Taipei Fish Market
18, Alley 2, Ln 410, Minzu E Rd, Taipei Taiwan

Getting there: Take the Xinlu (Orange) line to Xingtian Temple, Exit 3. After exiting the station, turn right onto Songjiang Rd. Continue walking straight until reaching Minzu East Rd intersection then turn right onto Minzu East Rd. Walk straight for about 15-20 minutes, you’ll see the main entrance on the right.


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