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5 Scenic Spots In Taiwan To Capture Your Wedding Photos
Home Recommendations 5 Scenic Spots In Taiwan To Capture Your Wedding Photos
Home Recommendations 5 Scenic Spots In Taiwan To Capture Your Wedding Photos

5 Scenic Spots In Taiwan To Capture Your Wedding Photos


Easy on your wallet and only a 7-hour plane ride away, Taiwan is a popular wedding destination to immortalise those magical moments.

1. Bopiliao Old Street


Go back in time at Bopiliao, a historic district with well-preserved streets and traditional shop houses from the Qing period.

The same place was used to film the highly acclaimed Monga, a 2010 Taiwanese gangster film set in the 1980’s, and hence is perfect for couples who want to mimic the characters and have a little more fun with their poses. The rustic red bricks, interesting chalk murals, and retro posters hung on wooden doors also make great for an interesting backdrop.

2. Yang Ming Shan

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🍃風尾小徑🍃 漫步在充滿歷史韻味的櫻花巷弄裡, 微微輕風繚繞於花樹之間。 累了,就坐在一旁休憩喝茶, 或是可以享用當地小農的柑橘, 帶點甜,帶點酸,帶著屬於自己的味道🍊 . 這個午後,我們聆聽著居民述說這片土地的故事, 從天南說到地北、風頭說到風尾, 在低調的小徑中,一起看見十八份的美麗與哀愁。 . Let’s take a walk under the tree 🌸🌳🌸 The white magic will be the most wonderful power for the new week 🎶 . . 📷:2020.03.08 #traveltaiwan #taipeitravel #takeawalkwithus #naturelovers #cherryblossom #sakura #yangmingshan #yangmingmountain #beitou #taipei #taiwan #台灣 #台灣景點 #台北 #台北景點 #北投 #北投景點 #陽明山 #陽明山國家公園 #陽明山花季 #十八份拐圳步道 #櫻花樹下 #櫻花季 #賞櫻 #櫻花 #桜花 #用影像說故事 #帶著吉他旅行吧❤ #🌸 #🇹🇼

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Known for its lush greenery and the exquisite flowers that pepper the mountain slopes, Yang Ming Shan is a scenic spot for nature-inspired wedding photos.

With flowers like the rhododendrons and cherry blossoms in full bloom, the best time to visit is in Spring, when the weather is comfortable as well (14 to 18 degrees Celsius). Be sure to stop by Siao Yu Keng, a sulphur pit located along the Yang Ming Shan – Chin Shan Highway where smoke from the fumarole creates an impressive effect on your pictures.

3. Tamsui

Situated at the northern tip of Taipei, Tamsui is a seaside city renowned for its amazing sunset landscape.

Head to the Lover’s Bridge at Fisherman’s wharf in the evening as the bridge illuminates with a variety of colours. Derived its name since it was officially opened on Valentine’s Day, the Lover’s bridge is a meaningful and romantic spot for wedding pictures.

The Fort San Domingo is also another spot to go to in Tamsui. Located at the hilltop, this sprawling red fortress with its distinctive European architecture offers a picturesque backdrop of the Tamsui River.

4. Sun Moon Lake

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Day 1641 of #seeingtheworld , 1 January 2019 @ Sun Moon Lake, Yuchi, Taiwan. Marking the fourth New Year Day on my second RTW trip and also country #32 and last country of the trip. When I first set off from home in July 2014, I had told my mom that I would be away for a year or so. Mom didn’t made any protest back then. After all, a year sounds better than the 502 days that I took for the first RTW trip. Who’d have know I would be spending four consecutive New Year Day away from home? This sunrise was nothing spectacular. I had seen way better sunrises from Mexico to South America and more. Nonetheless, it was still lovely to catch the first sunrise of the year, all the more so since weather forecast predicted a cloudy morning with little chance of sunrise. #asia #taiwan #yuchi #sunmoonlake #sunrise #lake #mountains #newyearday #firstsunrise #sunrise #yetanotheryear #travel #traveler #travelgram #aroundtheworld #seetheworld #nomad #solotravel #wanderlust #wanderer #backpacking #backpacker #roamawei

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The largest freshwater lake in the mountainous heart of Nantou, Taiwan, Sun Moon Lake is framed by lush forest and rims of undulating mountains.

A traditional spot for wedding photoshoots, the lake’s clear, sparkling blue water and stunning mountain backdrop sets the stage for memorably romantic moments to be captured.

5. Shimen Wedding Plaza

A closer alternative to Southern Europe, the Shimen Wedding Plaza is the perfect location for those looking for a Mediterranean flair.

A Greek-style architecture in a blue and white base, this beauty features decorative columns, a bell tower and a stone wall that opens to a tranquil ocean view. Illustrating the ambience of a romantic Mediterranean scene, many newlyweds and lovebirds flood here to capture life’s most romantic moments.


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