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16 July, Tuesday

Photo By: harimaolee

CHINA, Chongqing – Whoever thinks books are a dying trade should pay a visit to the Zhongshuge bookstore in Chongqing, China. Mind-boggling to the extreme, the central lobby’s design is M.C. Escher meets Penrose.

Floor to ceiling shelves in dark brown hues prop up a mirrored ceiling which turns the lobby into a fantastical labyrinth. The Zhongshuge bookstore in Chongqing is the latest in the line of elegant and massive bookstores by X+living surfacing all over China.

Zhongshuge has one magical room after another, each one promising to leave you  floored in awe. Dive in to find your own little corner and lose yourself in the book you painstakingly chose from the never-ending bookshelves.