Lake Suwa in Central Nagano – God’s Crossing: An Enchanting Destination

Nestled within the picturesque landscapes of central Nagano, Lake Suwa is an enchanting destination that promises to capture the hearts of every traveller. It’s no surprise that Lake Suwa served as the inspiration for the critically acclaimed Japanese anime film, ‘Your Name’. As a year-round travel destination that boasts immense beauty in every season, Lake Suwa is a must-visit gem in the heart of Japan.

From taking leisurely strolls along the lakeside promenade to uncovering the hidden history of the surrounding towns, there is something for everyone to enjoy.


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Divine union of nature and mythology at Lake Suwa – God’s Crossing

This pristine lake becomes the stage of a spellbinding natural phenomenon known as “God’s Crossing” – a jaw-dropping spectacle.

The allure of Lake Suwa lies not only in its scenic charm but also in its unique showcase of this extraordinary event. As temperatures drop in the winter months, the lake’s surface freezes, causing the ice to expand and eventually crack. This results in God’s Crossing – a series of massive ridges in the ice that form majestic pathways stretching across the lake.

Interestingly, the people of Nagano have long regarded these striking ridges as footsteps of the gods, revealing an intriguing mix of myth and reality. Local legends tell the tale of two Shinto deities, Takeminakata and Yasakatome, who are believed to walk along these ice pathways to meet and consummate their divine love. This divine encounter, they say, symbolises the intertwining of natural and spiritual worlds and adds a mystifying allure to the already bewitching Lake Suwa.

Lake Suwa’s breathtaking God’s Crossing is not the only magnet that draws tourists to Nagano. The region itself is a tapestry of stunning natural vistas and rich cultural experiences that will fill your heart with awe and admiration.

Takashima Castle in Suwa, Nagano, Japan

Some of the must-visit destinations around the lake include the historic Suwa Taisha Shrine, the awe-inspiring Takashima Castle, and the mesmerising Hotaka Shrine, which accentuates the overall mystique of this fascinating gem in central Nagano.

Suwa Taisha Shrine, beibaoke /

No matter the season, Lake Suwa is a symphony of vibrant colours, fascinating local rituals, and unparalleled beauty. From cherry blossoms in spring and balmy summer excursions to vivid autumn foliage and the dazzling God’s Crossing in winter, Lake Suwa truly encapsulates the essence of Japan’s alluring grandeur.

Plan your trip to the resplendent Lake Suwa in central Nagano, and experience the magic of this spectacular region for yourself!

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