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Home Discoverist x CR What You Need to Know Before You Go: Exchanging Currency for An...

What You Need to Know Before You Go: Exchanging Currency for An Overseas Trip


MONEY EXCHANGE – Successful and cost-effective globetrotting begins with a travel budget, but usually, we would be caught up in itinerary planning and tends to leave exchanging foreign currency to the very last minute. Given our busy work schedules, it can be quite difficult to track the best moneychangers in Singapore (ahem – The Arcade @ Raffles Place) and you wouldn’t want to spend your lunch hours in the snaking queue. And when you are in a rush, you might end up with a bad bargain.

While some might tell you to just use your credit card when you get there, but did you know there are extra fees in every transaction? And if you’re visiting the street market, cash is still king!

But what happens when you’re only 2 weeks away from your vacation in Japan? You don’t have to resort to exchanging your currency at the airport which usually offers poorer rates.

Unless you’re visiting places like Morocco and Peru, you can only exchange your currency once you’ve arrived there, but it is important to note that you should be carrying US dollars to exchange.

Now, what if we told you that it is possible to enjoy the best of both worlds – competitive rates and time-saving – when it comes to exchanging currency for your upcoming trip?

A Money Exchange Delivery and Concierge to Help You Get the Best Rates in Town – Changi Recommends FX 

Knowing that Singaporeans prized convenience and competitive rates, Changi Recommends introduced a Foreign Currency Exchange service to bridge the gap and re-define retail money exchange experience. This service is powered by GCC Exchange (S) Pte Ltd., an authorised money changer in Singapore.

There is a theory that goes around like this: What you gain in convenience, you lose in the rates and fees you pay. Now that is not true!

The rates published by retail money exchangers (The Arcade, Online Portal and GCC Exchange) are electronic rates used by companies for payments abroad and in some cases mid-market rates. Changi Recommends Foreign Exchange service is a dynamic real-time Forex rate. What’s even better, there are no service fees involved!

Exchanging Currency For An Overseas Trip Is Easy!

Attractive rates? Check. Free Islandwide Delivery? Check. Collection at the airport? Check. Simply visit https://fx.changirecommends.com/ to get your currency. You can get everything done online at your fingertips no matter if you’re in the office or on a commute!

Enjoy Greater Convenience and Safety with Changi Recommends FX

Gone are the days of withdrawing large amounts of cash just to queue at the money changer, isn’t this easy and stress-free? You can have your foreign currency order done in less than 10 minutes and you’re also given the options to decide between doorstep delivery or self-collection, and that’s one important administrative task settled for your vacation! It frees up your time to get your luggage and itinerary ready!

Is the Money Exchange Service Available Worldwide?

Currently, this service is only available for Singaporeans/PR/EP/S-PASS/W-PASS holders. There are 10 types of currencies available and more might be added in the future.

With Changi Recommends FX, the exchange rates will always be in your favour!


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