The Finest Malbec Wines for Your Next Dinner Parties at Home

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Before the coronavirus pandemic, cooking was an interesting hobby for a few people, and nearly everyone still preferred to dine in restaurants, food parks, or even fast-food stores. Reconnecting with close friends and family meant spending the night out. But this trend may well have turned for the foreseeable future.

For the past year, many people are not only relying on their homes as an office, but also as a space for entertaining friends and family safely. While it’s not an ideal setting for a lot of us, look on the bright side, hosting dinner parties at home means there’s no cut-off time for alcohol consumption.

Hosting dinner parties can be engaging and fun for everyone. Of course, no great dinner party is complete without a wine that perfectly balances the main course. And what usually gets the heads turning is the choice of wine varietal. Of course, the safe option would be a Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, or even a Merlot. However, a fine bottle of strong-flavoured and full-body Malbec is the way to go to attract intrigue.

Choosing to pour a Malbec for your guests would quickly turn you into a fascinating “wine lover” for serving an unconventional choice. Due to its attractive, cross-continental history, a Malbec wine will get the conversations flowing and transform any dinner party more luxurious than it should.

What is Malbec Wine?

The origin of Malbec grapes can be traced back to France’s Languedoc-Roussilon wine region. However, Argentina reinvigorated Malbec as one of the top 18 noble grapes for red wines. Today, the South American country leads the production of Malbec grapes in the world.

With its deep colour, rich, fruity flavours, and medium tannin levels, the Malbec wine has all the potential to become a crowd favourite. Although it should be noted, Malbec wines often have higher alcohol content than the more famous red wine varietals. Some bottles contain up to 15% ABV, so if you’re trying to cut down on drinking or you’re driving home, then one glass should be enough.

Malbec and food pairing

So naturally, if you’re serving Malbec at a dinner party, you should know what the best dishes are to bring out the marvellous flavours of both the wine and the food. By doing so, not only will you impress your guests, but you’ll give them a sense of fulfilment and satisfaction because of the splendid meal you prepared.

What are the best dishes served with Malbec?

Like most red wines, Malbec pairs well with red meat. However, the wine’s short finish tends to be overwhelmed by fattier meat – best to keep that in mind when preparing the full course meal. Among the best options are lean cuts of beef, turkey, or even ostrich meat.

If you’re serving Malbec with appetizers or snacks, then partnering it with blue cheese will certainly do wonders. And for vegans, you’ll find that roasted red peppers or dishes rich in olive oil greatly complements Malbec wines.

Generally, Malbec can be enjoyed with a variety of food. It’s not strictly for red meat only. The trick here is to consider what goes well with Malbec’s peppery notes.

Best Malbec Wines Worth Drinking in 2021

With all that in mind, you’re just about ready to browse and buy Malbec wines that fit your budget and preferences. Take a look at our breakdown of the three best Malbec wines that are worth drinking in 2021!

1. Terrazas Altos Del Plata Malbec

Terrazas de Los Andes is a wine producer that crafts elegant Argentinian-French wine styles. Its story dates back to the 1950s when the duo Moët & Chandon created Bodega Chandon. Then, the 1990s came, and under Hervé Birnie-Scott’s leadership, the wine company explored higher altitude terroirs and experimented with each varietal expression until Malbec became their primary focus.

Terrazas was drawn to Malbec’s pure and tangy expression when grown in the fitting altitude of Mendoza. The winery’s Altos del Plata Estate has a cool climate that complements their delicate and attentive winemaking techniques, preserving the original aromas of Malbec. One sniff of this Malbec wine, and you’ll indeed fall in love with everything it has to offer.

2. Trivento Eolo Malbec

The Trivento Eolo Malbec is one of Argentina’s greatest pride. The wine, which is made in Trivento’s Eolo vineyards in Lujan de Cuyo, has obtained significant accolades from several wine critics, with scores ranging from 90 to 100 points by The Wine Advocate and Wine Spectator. And for its 2014 vintage, the wine received a gold award from The TEXSOM International Wine Awards.

So, what makes the Trivento Eolo Malbec very well celebrated? The answer lies in its name – Trivento, which means “three winds”. Every winery has unique winemaking attributes at their disposal, and Trivento’s vineyards in Lujan de Cuyo is cultivated and nourished through the benefit of the seasonal winds: Zonda, Polar, and Sudestada. The soil, climate, winds, water, and man’s guiding hands allow the Malbec grapes to reach their full potential.

The Trivento Eolo Malbec exposes attractive fragrances of black fruit and balanced oak. Unlike most Malbec wines, this has sweet tannins with a certain complexity that leads to a long finish.

3. Porta Reserva Malbec 2019

Viña Porta is a top-level and award-winning winemaker from Chile. The illustrious Reserva Malbec is part of Porta’s fantastic range of wines. The Malbec grapes come from the Bio Bio Valley in southern Chile, which has a cool climate and a lengthy growing season, resulting in grapes that are full of flavour and aroma.

The Porta Reserva Malbec comes in an elegant dark bottle with gold accents on the label. A wonderful wine to display and even better when drunk. The wine’s deep cherry colour radiates lovely black tea and blueberry scents, then it will fill your taste buds with notes of white pepper. Overall, this Malbec is a luxury drink with a silky texture your guests will surely love.

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