iRecommend Diary Ep 2: Immersing in South Korea’s Charming Delights with ChangiWiFi

November was truly a month of fantastic memories for iRecommend member Jaime Ko and her travel buddy, Angeline, as they embarked on a 10-day trip to South Korea, where the bustling cities of Seoul and Busan served as the backdrop for their cultural exploration and culinary escapades. One essential companion on their journey was their ChangiWiFi router, which connected them to the world back home while offering seamless navigation through the streets of South Korea.

Among the myriad of experiences that South Korea has to offer, Jaime’s favourite undoubtedly lay in the heart of Busan – the Jagalchi Market. As a city renowned for its bustling fish port, Busan is a seafood lover’s paradise, and Jaime was eager to indulge in the local delicacies that the market had to offer.

Jaime enthused, “Indulging in seafood is a must when in Busan, and a visit to Jagalchi Market is essential for an authentic experience.” The market, touted as the largest seafood market in Busan, boasts a plethora of stalls that are sure to leave any visitor astounded. Language barriers proved to be no obstacle, as most vendors could communicate in basic English, making the culinary adventure accessible to all.

Jaime’s exploration of Jagalchi Market led her to a hidden gem, Store 218, managed by a warm Korean couple. This particular establishment stood out not only for its exceptionally affordable seafood offerings but also for the transparency maintained regarding weights and prices. The couple’s dedication to providing an authentic and honest experience left a lasting impression on Jaime and Angeline.

ChangiWiFi Takes the Stress Out of Pet Separation with Regular Check-Ins

As a devoted cat mum, Jaime’s ChangiWiFi router allowed her to check in on her two beloved cats, Dan Dan and Otak, through a CCTV app on her mobile. She makes it a point to perform 4 to 5 CCTV checks a day, spending 5 to 10 minutes each time to ensure she doesn’t miss any precious moments. This routine provided an invaluable connection with her pets, offering a comforting touchstone throughout her travels. She also did a CCTV check on the Korea Train Express (KTX), which was going at a speed of 305 km/h. The entire process was smooth all the way, demonstrating the incredible reliability of ChangiWiFi even during high-speed travel.

Beyond the heartfelt connections with her cats, her ChangiWiFi router proved indispensable for navigation, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free exploration of the vibrant South Korean cities.

Exciting Tours and Memorable Travel Moments

Jaime fondly shares some of her most cherished tours as she embarks on unforgettable journeys through the enchanting landscapes of South Korea. Each adventure unfolded unique experiences, allowing her to discover the beauty and charm of this captivating country. She also seamlessly purchased attraction tickets and booked tours on-the-go with ChangiWiFi, ensuring her travel experiences remained convenient and enjoyable.

Tour 1: Alpaca World, Nami Island, and The Garden of Morning Calm
At Alpaca World, a haven for animal lovers, Jaime enjoyed the opportunity to interact with alpacas and other creatures, making it a must-visit destination for animal lovers. The tour continued to The Garden of Morning Calm, nestled at the foot of Chungnyeongsan Mountain, boasting a breathtaking collection of 5,000 plant species.

Tour 2: Incheon Ganghwa-do One Day Tour
In Incheon Ganghwa-do, Jaime had some of the most thrilling experiences at the Ganghwa Seaside Resort Luge. She immersed in the excitement of non-powered wheel-sled racing down a 1.8km track with panoramic sea views. The adventure extended to the Sochang Experience Centre for a session of  Ogura handkerchief-stamping activity. To recharge, she indulged in delightful specialty coffee at the Chaoyang Textile Café.

Tour 3: Pocheon Apple/Strawberry Farm Day Tour from Seoul
Jaime’s exploration continued with a delightful day tour to Pocheon Apple/Strawberry Farm from Seoul. Strawberry picking became the main highlight as she managed to handpick 300g of succulent strawberries!

Tour 4: Busan City Tour
In Busan, Jaime went on a city tour that included a trip to the Blueline Park’s Sky Capsule and a scenic 30-minute ride along the coastline, from Mipo Station to Cheongsapo Station. The Boogi-edition ride added an extra touch of charm to this coastal journey.

“Opting for ChangiWiFI proved immensely beneficial for navigating around Busan and Seoul. It’s important to note that, in Korea, using Naver Map is preferable to Google Maps,” Jaime advises.

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