Home Discoverist x CR If You’ve Been Sitting All Day At Work, You May Want To...
Home Discoverist x CR If You’ve Been Sitting All Day At Work, You May Want To...

If You’ve Been Sitting All Day At Work, You May Want To Get Moving Again With These Activities Under $30 with Changi Go App


First things first, this is not a listicle about products to upgrade your work-from-home setup nor getting you to buy Secretlab chairs. This goes out to people who are working too hard (especially parents), and are in need of a fun break! The kids are going to love it too!

These are activities that will get you moving! Time to go off-screen for awhile!

Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate as of the time of publication.

1.NERF Action Xperience

Unleash your inner hero and blast into action in the world’s first NERF indoor attraction! There are four thematic zones to feed your hunger for adrenaline. It is designed to be child-friendly (children under the age of 7 or 1.3m tall are not allowed) so don’t expect to find paintballs here. You’re on a mission instead, conquer the high element obstacle course, shoot the zombies and complete your quest! Unfortunately, you can’t bring your own NERF blasters and darts here.

Get tickets to NERF Action Xperience with Changi Go App.

2. Wild Wild Wet

Enjoy a day of thrill and spills at Wild Wild Wet located in Paris Ris, NTUC Downtown East. You don’t always have to travel across the island for a splashing good time under the sun! Wild Wild Wet is one of the biggest water parks in Singapore with 13 rides and attractions in the waterpark, you can easily spend a day there to get your fill of vitamin D with a day pass ticket!

Get tickets to Wild Wild Wet with Changi Go App.

3. Airzone

Airzone is Singapore’s first suspended net playground within an eco-friendly shopping mall! The indoor playground is suspended six levels above the ground and if you have fear of heights, please do not try! For thrill-seekers, you’re literally walking on air like an airstronaut and there is also a suspended ball pit for you to dive right in. Airzone proves to be an exciting experience for both kids and adults!

Get tickets to Airzone with Changi Go App.

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