Celebrate Chinese New Year with these Exclusive Discounts


Although Chinese New Year’s celebration may be more subdued and low-key this year due to the pandemic, that doesn’t mean you can’t bask in the festive spirit at home. It’s time to refresh your home, refill your snack stash and spread some good cheer.

uNeed by Changi Recommends gives you more reasons to celebrate the year of Ox with these exclusive discounts!

1. Give the Gift of Health

While you can expect to find all types of delicious CNY goodies and hampers, how about giving the gift of immunity and relaxation? An esteemed delicacy in Chinese culture, bird’s nest, is highly coveted for its nutritional value.

If you’re considering a gift for Chinese New Year, consider a bird’s nest hamper that symbolises youthfulness and abundance of health. It’s perfect for family members, in-laws and even children. Pristine Farm offers premium bird’s nest that contains no artificial flavourings, preservatives and chemicals.

2. Refresh Your Home for Spring (The Easiest Way!)

What do you do when you want to refresh your home and make it look new without going through major revamp? Sometimes, a coat of fresh paint works but if you’re pressed for time, how about enlivening your space with fresh and beautifully arranged flowers?

Try placing a beautiful bunch of fresh flowers in your living room or dining table and watch your space come to life.

3. Let Your Luxury Bags Shine

CNY is also typically a time to bring out your branded goods! Branded bags are considered to be a form of investment, so don’t let it go to ruin; you can give your used designer bags and wallets a new lease of life with Dr Bags. They also provide repair services for bags too.

4. Plan a Family Karaoke night 

Besides playing Poker, Dai Di and Ban Luck, if the god of fortune isn’t on your side, then you better stop gambling away your angbao money! How about getting a quality Karaoke set for a day or two?

5. Share An Auspicious Golden Bun

The greatest joy of Chinese New Year is probably all the feasting, and the food we consumed are always intertwined with auspicious meanings. Check out these golden pillow buns, which are delicious and perfect for sharing. They also bear a resemblance to bags of gold, so this is one auspicious dish you might want to order in for your CNY gathering.


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