Home Tips & Trends 2019 Wrapped, Holiday Hangover, Travel Goals, What’s Next?
Home Tips & Trends 2019 Wrapped, Holiday Hangover, Travel Goals, What’s Next?

2019 Wrapped, Holiday Hangover, Travel Goals, What’s Next?


Congrats, we have just completed an orbit around the only star in our solar system. Welcome to a brand new decade: 2020.

The question is, have you mapped out your New Year’s Resolutions? I hope you don’t give up on your resolutions after 3 days.

Your out-of-office reply is still active. Your Christmas gift basket is probably still sitting in your kitchen. Just came back from overseas? Your laundry is waiting for you.

Still in a holidaze?

We understand, Singaporeans often struggle with work-life balance and December is possibly the most acceptable month (especially in the eyes of employers) to unwind. We also know that not everyone is entitled to 14 days of annual leave, but how do you make the most out of your annual leave? Read this.

Holiday hangover is real and at times, insufferable. Maybe here’s what you need: How To Treat Your Post-Vacation Blues.

Just when you think this holiday season is about to end – after weeks of Mariah Carey’s singing, Christmas festivities, holiday parties and New Year’s Eve countdown celebration – many shopping malls in Singapore are putting up red lanterns and playing Gong Xi Fa Cai on repeat.

We’d like to say, enjoy it while it lasts. Take this chance to throw another staycation party with your families and friends.

And for those who are travelling abroad with friends, find out how to avoid conflicts, manage your budget and still keep the friendship smooth sailing here.

In 2019, we’ve also uncovered emerging destinations like Siargao, Flores, Kuching, and Sanur.

As well, a fresh take on Singapore’s neighbourhoods and our endless fascination with Japan.

Not only that, but we have also been keeping an eye on Hong Kong’s situation and rediscovering Hong Kong’s allure.

Technology has changed the way we travel and we can all agree that it has definitely provided us with greater convenience and we have a lot more control over our itineraries. And for those who are constantly plugging at work, a case for a bit of disconnection becomes therapeutic.

Now, your turn, where will you go and what will you discover in the year ahead?

We wish you a fantastic New Year and thank you for journeying with us.


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