Why You Shouldn’t Feel Guilty About Enjoying Ice Cream

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Because you can always go for the low-calories ones and they have been approved by Singapore’s Health Promotion Board too.

However, low-calorie ice cream is often met with a healthy dose of side-eye: Could they really taste as good as the full-fat kind? Could the texture even come close?

The answer is: yes and yes.

Low-calories and high antioxidants ice cream do exist, and they taste good too!

Nuude Ice Cream by Udders 

Introducing Nuude Ice Cream by Singaporean ice cream brand Udders. A sister brand that is focused on lower-calorie ice cream using natural and preservation-free ingredients, as well as 43% less sugar and fat than regular premium ice cream brands.

After months of R&D and experiments to finding a perfect balance between taste and nutritional values, Nuude is now possibly the healthiest and tastiest ice cream in Singapore.

Parents with kids, time to stock this in your fridge.


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Nuude Ice Cream Flavours Are Certified Healthier-Choice 

I’ve learned a lot about how the high sugar and dairy content of ice cream can wreak havoc on our skin and gut health. But in Nuude ice cream universe, there are 7 wonderful and healthier alternatives, packed with fruits that are rich in antioxidants and from just 79 calories per scoop (that’s equivalent to 1 cup of blueberries).

In fact, this frozen treat is way healthier than your post-lunch BBT. Talk about enjoying artisanal ice cream and maintaining good health! To the Vegans, Nuude ice cream is made for you as well.

Taste the World with Nuude Ice Cream

With travel still being out of bounds, Nuude Ice Cream is one of the best things to tuck into and taste the wonderful fruits and ingredients from all over the world.

I have found my perfect icy treat for our year-round tropical weather

One particular flavour brought me back to Copenhagen, which was where I first tasted Red Dragonfruit sorbet and ever since then I have never tried anything like this at home, but I now count myself lucky because Nuude’s has successfully created Singapore’s first-ever Dragonfruit, Blackberry & Maqui Berry Sorbet.

Yummy for the tummy, and pretty for your lips!

This natural vibrant fuchsia-coloured sorbet combines Vietnamese dragonfruit with super berries from the lush forests of Southern Chile, where they have been used as a local restorative by the region’s Mapuche Indians for thousands of years. All three fruits are rich in antioxidants which means they support eye health and healthy gut function. It’s a perfect pick-me-up anytime at 104kcal per serving! And to the ladies, red dragonfruit is also often used as a natural colour dye in your cosmetics, so this ice cream is pretty for your lips.

I never knew goji berries pair so well with vanilla ice cream!

Now, what about the classic ice cream flavours like chocolate, vanilla and strawberry, you asked. This one is for you – Vanilla & Goji Berry made using premium Tahitian vanilla beans that lend a delicate floral note and organic Goji Berries from the pristine mountains of Tibet which provide the perfect amount of sweetness! In case you didn’t know, goji berries are known for their immune-boosting qualities and their ability to fight harmful free radicals and inflammation.

Does your ice cream preference say more about you than you think?

Dark Chocolate & Cacao Nibs Sorbet is always the crowd’s favourite! Made with premium French and Belgian dark chocolate, this sorbet has 30% less sugar and fat than most of the premium ice cream brands, without comprising on its flavour. There is also a generous amount of antioxidant-rich cacao nibs, making it a crunchy and lusciously rich sorbet. This is pure satisfaction in every bite!

A dream came true for me.

Strawberry flavoured ice cream are notoriously known for being overly sweet and creamy but Nuude is here to change the game. Crafted with strawberries and health-boosters like organic Peruvian Camu berries and raw honey, Strawberry & Camu Berry is the better and healthier choice we all deserve.

Vibrant green in colour, smooth and earthy

If your arteries are good, eat more ice cream, and in particular, Nuude’s Pistachio & Matcha – made with only the finest ceremonial-grade matcha from Kyoto and blended with pistachios. Every Matcha lover would love to finish a pint on their own and you can be sure that it’s good for your heart because matcha contains over 100 times more antioxidants than regular green tea!

Mango is unarguably the most delicious fruit that Mother Nature has gifted to us. Aromatic and sweet, Indian Alphonso Mangoes goes into this bright saffron-coloured icy treat, together with zesty and subtly savoury kaffir lime leaves in Alphonso Mango & Kaffir Lime Sorbet. What a refreshing combo that will leave you wanting for more in the tropical heat!

Save the lowest calorie for the last! At just 79 calories per cup, White Peach & Yuzu Sorbet is made with sun-ripe French peaches and zesty Korean yuzu, a sweet and citrusy pairing that is full of Vitamin C! For those who are watching their waistlines, this is the perfect icy dessert to indulge in.

Each flavour tastes so good and I’ll be having them 7 days a week without the guilt. Get Nuude Ice Cream when you’re having a Netflix binge!

Where to Get Nuude Ice Cream

Nuude flavours are now available at all FairPrice Finest, majority Shell Stations and Eccellente by HAO mart supermarkets, all Udders outlets (except Beach Road) and Udders e-store.


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