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8 May, Wednesday

Photo By: felixindrawan⁣ via Instagram

INDONESIA, Flores – The triple crater lakes of Kelimutu National Park hold a mysterious secret. The waters are known to change colour over time, seemingly at random. Although varying mineral composition, algae bloom or geo-chemical processes are the likely culprits, the stunning phenomena has given rise to charming folklore surrounding the three bodies of water.

Locals believe that the lakes are gathering places for the souls of the departed. One of the lakes is where ancestral spirits dwell, the other is for souls of people who died young, and the third is reserved for people who lived evil lives. The last one is situated farther away from the first two, which dwell peaceably next to each other.

Slightly eerie legends aside, the natural beauty of Kelimutu National Park exerts a bewitching hold over all who visit.