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7 August, Wednesday

Photo By: harimaolee

NETHERLANDS, Amsterdam – This bright, colourful, and massive architecture is home to the Inntel Hotels Amsterdam Zaandam. Made to look like a stacking of traditional houses, this hotel is an ode to the rich Zaan history of the region.

The area of Zaan in Amsterdam used to be an industrial zone well known for its traditional green houses, which explains much of the design adopted for the hotel. Those with eagle eyes will notice one particular house at the top corner that is painted in blue instead of varying shades of green. This is in fact an homage to Claude Monet, the illustrious French painter, who painted a blue house he saw in the Zaan area which then became a famous painting.

Inntel Zaandam today is more than just a hotel, it’s an icon of the entire Zaandam district.