5 April, Friday

Photo By: shootwithjuan

MEXICO, Jalisco – Looking for a crash course in all things Mexican? You can’t go wrong with a visit to the quaint town of Tequila.

This isn’t any old washed-up, commercialised tourist trap. The colourful buildings and striking murals that line the street reflect the vibrance of a community that have endured for centuries. The source of their strength? The agave plant, from which comes the globally popular liquor tequila.

Make a trip and experience first-hand cultivation and distillation techniques handed down from the ages, and sample more varieties of the fiery spirit than you knew existed. Learn well the significance of the agave plant in Mexican culture and the locals might even reward you with a trick or two to deal with tequila’s famously lethal burn.

Beyond tequila, other highlights are the Plaza Principal where you can catch performances by voladores (flying dancers); the town’s iconic Baroque church La Parroquia Santiago Apóstol; and of course, the food.


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