4 June, Tuesday

Photo By: mikesgogram

MALAYSIA, Selangor – You may have come across the Batu Caves’ Insta-worthy colourful steps running up and down its length, but did you know the holy buildings enshrined there are equally vibrant?

Start with the refreshing views of the brilliantly-coloured entranceway, daubed in multiple hues that impart a lifelike vitality to the beloved idols depicted there. Then, clamber up the eye-catching stairway and pretend you’re ascending a rainbow bridge connecting the lower and upper parts of the holy site. Finally, glance up and be rewarded with the kaleidoscopic sight of the main temple, reaching heavenwards in all its multi-coloured glory.

And to kick this feast for the senses into overdrive, pay a visit during Thaipusam where the sight of hundreds of devotees partaking in sacred rituals make for an otherworldly spectacle.


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