29 April, Monday

Photo By: chopstickontheloose⁣.

CHINA, Hong Kong – It’s not for nothing that Disneyland is known as the happiest place in the world. When beloved cartoon characters and childhood fairy tales come to life, waving and posing for pictures all around, it’s difficult to feel anything but a sense of wonder and joy.⁣
⁣The fifth park in the franchise, Hong Kong Disneyland is recommended for travellers new to the Disney experience. With only one park and three hotels, planning becomes much easier. The park also does a good job keeping up with the latest and greatest in terms of rides, shows and attractions; just look at the recent addition of the latest Marvel ride featuring Ant-man and The Wasp.⁣
⁣For Disney fans in Asia, Hong Kong Disneyland is probably the most accessible and convenient. Plus, needing only one day to fully enjoy the park makes it an easy option to include in your next vacation.


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