24 April, Wednesday

Photo By: shootwithjuan.

MOROCCO, Fez – Like most royal abodes around the world, Morocco’s Royal Palace of Fez is out of bounds to outsiders. Curious visitors must satisfy themselves with views of the compound’s imposing doors, leaving their imaginations to flesh out what wonders must lie beyond.

Nevertheless, the grand brass doors – numbering 7 in total – draw a steady stream of visitors and locals all eager for a photo with the entrances’ intricate metalwork and their matching knockers. Inlaid with intricate tilework and carved cedar wood, these mesmerising doors exemplify the very best of Moroccan style, earning them a well-deserved place on the covers of many tourist guidebooks – and Instagram feeds.

Historians tell us the palace grounds span a suitably regal 80 ha, and houses stunning gardens, mosques with intricately decorated ceilings and a school for Koranic studies. If the royal family ever decides to open the grounds, allowing the camera-carrying public to capture and share the wonders within, we should be so lucky.


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