2 April, Tuesday

Photo By: felixindrawan

INDONESIA, Yogyakarta – The Imogiri Pine Forest is a popular attraction in South Yogyakarta, coming into prominence in recent years thanks to teenagers and their numerous Instagrams of the beautiful, towering trees.

The images of stately trees stretching heavenwards, culminating in dense canopy cover set against clear blue skies, quickly moved photographers both professional and amatuer to upload their own contributions. And of course, tourists caught wind.

The forest offers trekkers respite from the tropical climate of Yogyakarta; a trek through the forest is rewarding for its cooler temperatures and relatively fresher air. There are also basic amenities and man-made points of interests (read: Instagram spots) integrated with the landscape, ensuring Imogiri Pine Forest remains a popular and accessible choice for all walks of travellers.

Though, those with a more purist approach might argue the forest is shot-worthy enough on its own – a position apt to be taken by anyone who witnesses the magical sight of morning sunlight peeking through to the forest floor.


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