18 June, Tuesday

Photo By: felixindrawan

INDONESIA, Kanawa Island – Azure clear crystal waters, white sandy beaches, trees swaying in the breeze, you name it — Kanawa Island ticks off all the boxes when it comes to the pinnacle island paradise many yearn for during their travel escapades.

Yet, Kanawa Island is quite unlike any other idyllic beach getaway. If not for the beach umbrellas and bungalows in the horizon betraying a sense of complete isolation from the modern world, one would be forgiven for labelling Kanawa as a deserted island.

In all seriousness, Kanawa Island boasts a grand total of one resort, one restaurant, and one diving center. No Wifi is available on the island and only cash is accepted. This is one island paradise that teethers on the balance of barely touching modernity and giving you that unplugged holiday so many want nowadays

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