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17 July, Wednesday

Photo By: johnedwardjames

GERMANY, Bavaria – Perched on a hill in Southwest Bavaria, the Neuschwanstein Castle is quite possibly the closest you can get to a real life fairytale Disney castle (save the one actually in Disneyland). Symbolic of Romanticism, this iconic 19th century architecture even served as the inspiration of the castle in Disney’s Sleeping Beauty.

The castle is impeccably finished with white limestone facade with blue turret tops, but if you dig deeper into its history, you’ll find that Neuschwanstein Castle was never finished, not to the original vision of King Ludwig II. The castle was slated to have 200 rooms but only a dozen or so were built before the funds for the project was cut off.

You can enter and walk around the castle but only with a guided tour that lasts about half an hour. If you’re skipping the tour, Marie’s Bridge is where you want to go to take the iconic photo of the Neuschwanstein Castle.