16 June, Sunday

Photo By: Grace Esther Susilo

TAIWAN, Taipei – As far as ex-gold mining towns go, Jiufen is as charming as they come. You’ve probably heard of this wildly popular tourist attraction, and may be wondering if it’s worth the hype.

Well, Jiufen is exactly as advertised – a mishmash of snaking stone alleyways, centuries-old residences, family-run businesses, heritage teahouses, cafes, restaurants and tourist-kitschy shops – all threaded through by breathtaking views of the sea and the surrounding verdant hills. To make a visit is to step into Old World Taiwan, where you can lose yourself nibbling on traditional dishes still prepared and served the original way, while wandering the time-worn paths.

For a complete experience, book a stay at one of the many charming b&bs – the night view itself is worth the fee.

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