11 April, Thursday

Photo By: shootwithjuan

INDONESIA, Nusa Penida – Just off the coast southeast of Bali is an island that is slowly gaining recognition for its jaw-dropping natural rock formations and views. Leading the charge is a rock formation on Kelingking beach which making its rounds on Instagram and travel blogs.

Travellers to Bali these days are making a concerted effort to head to Nusa Penida Island to catch a glimpse of this T-rex-like coastal cliffscape that is stunning to say the least. The hike up to the secret viewing spot is rewarding when you’re greeted with the unique coastal formation set against the roaring seas and the horizon beyond. Beyond that, Nusa Penida is an island paradise with every little nook and cranny proving to be an instagrammable haven.

With white sandy beaches and clear azure waters, perhaps it’s time to ditch the increasing commercialisation of Bali and take a boat out to Nusa Penida. From sunup to sundown, there’s definitely something to see and do on this island paradise.


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