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10 July, Wednesday

Photo By: harimaolee

CHINA, Chongqing – Looking at the luminescent Hong Ya Dong lighting up the streets of Chongqing, you wouldn’t think that it was once a military fortress from the time of the ancient Ba State to the Ming and Qing Dynasties.

To Japanese anime fans, Hong Ya Dong bears some resemblance to a building in Spirited Away, and it would not be a surprise for famed Japanese Cartoonist Hayao Miyazaki to have taken his inspiration from this Chongqing waterfront structure.

Today, it serves as perhaps the most popular travel destination amongst visitors to Chongqing, with street food, high class restaurants, and shopping. While it is open during the day, it is when the sun sets that Hong Ya Dong comes alive with bright red and orange lights that can be seen from across the Jialing River. Trust us, the stunning night view is reason enough to make a trip here.