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Discoverist.sg is made for those born to wanderlust and given to caprice. You’ll find urbane, inspirational, and occasionally amusing stories with a focus on travel and lifestyle. While Discoverist.sg is not overly obsessed with the latest hype or a harbinger of things to come, it does keep an eye on what’s current and why it matters to be out in the world. So, go on retweet your tribe, peruse over a cup of joe, and sketch out your travel goals. This is the world where your life can change, and we want to be a part of it. Here’s to a season of fresh horizons and discoveries you’ll remember.


Alevin Chan

Content Strategist

Alevin loves exploring new cities and blogging about them. He hopes one day to harvest the perfect sweet potato at Don Don Donki’s Japan plantation.

Kellin Chew

Content Editor

Kellin is a caffeine and WiFi dependant life form. She is always thinking about her next adventure to the Alps.

Chris Lee


Chris is a simple guy governed by three tenets in life: sleep, food, and travel. Not necessarily in that order. Ok, yes in that order.


We’re global-minded and friendly. And we want to know what you’re up to. If you’d like to send us invites to events, press releases, or pitches please write to hello@discoverist.sg

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For those given to wanderlust and caprice, Discoverist.sg aims to help travellers find new playgrounds, or re-discover familiar ones. Our content aims to inspire travel, broaden horizons and enrich experiences for every traveller.


Discoverist.sg was founded in February 2019 and we have a growing readership in Southeast Asia. To find out how we can help you reach travellers in Singapore and Southeast Asia, drop us a note at hello@discoverist.sg.