This Hole-In-The-Wall Café in Tokyo Raises the Bar for Latte Art

TOKYO – How do you usually begin your day? Getting a cup of joe to settle your nerves, so they don’t later fray? According to the latest scientific research by the University of Toronto, simply looking at a cup of coffee can make you feel more alert and attentive – even if you do not drink it. Perhaps it’s the thought of caffeine in your bloodstream or the sight of beautiful coffee art!

Fancy a Rainbow Latte?

Located a stone’s throw away from Hatchobori Station, this hole-in-the-wall café has been named as one of the top 50 cafes in Tokyo. Roar Coffee House & Roastery is well-known among the locals, especially the white-collar workers.

As its name suggests, the coffee beans are freshly roasted in-house, and the owner-barista takes pride in creating a colourful latte art that will put a smile on your face. Even if you’re ordering a coffee to-go, you can still expect to find a multi-hued latte art in your paper cup.

Photograph by gotomaru66 via Instagram

This teeny sit-down espresso joint is a perfect hideout for the busy Tokyoites. Time flies when one is enjoying a coffee break here. Watch how the barista prepares each cup of coffee with meticulous precision, you can choose between a white or brown canvas for your latte art. If you opt for a white canvas, the latte art is served with a separate shot of espresso for you to pour it in.

For the non-coffee drinkers, there is an extensive list of tea lattes available, and you can request for the rainbow latte art on it too!

Photograph by ami.miyachi61 via Instagram


Roar Coffee House & Roastery (ロアーコーヒーハウス&ロースタリー)

2 Chome-19-11 Hatchobori, Chūō, Tokyo

Nearest station: Hatchobori Station on Hibiya Line

Opening Hours

Monday to Friday 8:30 AM – 6:30 PM (Closed on weekends)

Top photograph by __erableerouge via Instagram

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