Home Recommendations Travel Between Parallel Worlds in The New Fantasy K-Drama
Home Recommendations Travel Between Parallel Worlds in The New Fantasy K-Drama

Travel Between Parallel Worlds in The New Fantasy K-Drama


Every waking moment of 2020 is grim. WW3 almost happened, bushfires, pandemic and now murder hornets ?! Someone must have installed the wrong version of 2020.

I wonder if there is an alternate universe where the virus was stamped out and the relevant health officials declared a state of global health emergency as soon as possible and hundreds of thousands of lives can be spared?

Alternate reality makes you ask questions like “what if?” introducing you to the world of multiple possibilities. A world that’s anything but the present reality. Unfortunately, we do not have concrete evidence to prove the existence of a parallel universe.

But hey – Netflix’s latest K-drama The King: Eternal Monarch is here to offer escapism from a pandemic. The world is in a crisis and the only way to beat the virus by breaking the chain of transmission is to stay at home, we turn to the streaming platform like Netflix to live vicariously.

At the end of the day, we all need downtime, even in Covid-19 era, when we go about our daily lives confined in our homes.

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Latest fantasy-romance K-drama – The King: Eternal Monarch

The King: Eternal Monarch (TKEM) is a fantasy-romance drama by beloved K-drama writer Kim Eun Sook who has penned some of the most popular K-Dramas such as Descendants of the Sun and Goblin. Both are my favourites!

If you’re a fan of Goblin, you would notice a few similarities in TKEM. There’s poetry, flowers, cute plushies and actress Kim Go Eun!

This time round in TKEM there is a gorgeous creature – a white stallion starring alongside long-legged handsome Oppa Lee Min-ho.

The King: Eternal Monarch (TKEM) first episode aired on 17 April in South Korea. It is still an ongoing series (16 episodes in total) and is available to stream via Netflix with new episodes available on every Friday and Saturday.

Kingdom of Corea 

Actor Lee Min-ho is the Emperor of Kingdom of Corea, a modern-day constitutional monarchy and in his world, there isn’t a divide between North and South Korea.

In the Kingdom of Corea, the capital city is Busan unlike the Republic of South Korea. You’d be right to guess that quite several scenes were shot in Busan.

The Emperor rides a white stallion and crosses two different worlds through a mysterious portal, and it has something to do with a magical flute and thunderstorm. And the world which he found himself in after entering the portal is the present-day Republic of South Korea.

The Magical Portal Between The Two Parallel Worlds 

The gateway for the Emperor to roam between the two worlds is in Busan. The Ahopsan forest is a lush bamboo forest which has drawn plenty of Instagrammers.

Beautiful Cinematography

The King: Eternal Monarch brings out the two parallel universes through its stunning cinematography and visual effects. While travel is off the cards, for now, it’s actually beneficial for our mental health to think about where to go next.

Image credit: SBS

Haeundae beach is synonymous with Busan but in TKEM, the horse-riding scene in Episode 1 was filmed in Dadaepo beach.

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💙💙💙💙 Reposted from @wenroad_ 20200522 REPOST, From ➡️@kkomively : “#첫줄 . . 10시전에 도착했는데 427번 🙋‍♀️ 겁나 불어대는 바람과 맞서며 카드득템 💳 . . 해수욕장까지 내려왔는데 그냥 집가긴 아쉽고 어제처럼 산책이나 하려고 설렁설렁 … . 주차장도 아닌데 차가 많아서 뭐여 ㅡㅡ 해대며 해수욕장 산책 🏖 아 여유로와 ~~~ 내 눈앞에 죽어있는 물고기도 보고 … . 근데 해변에 뭔 말이 두마리나 있네 🐴🦄 니가 맥시무스냐?? 🤔 참 멋지구나 . 구경하다 혼자는 심심해서 집으로 … . . 확대해도 안깨져 하는 핸드폰 가지고 싶다 📱 (쓸데없이 장비욕심 많은편) . . . . . #부산 #다대포 #다대포해수욕장 #더킹영원의군주 #이민호 #맥시무스 #촬영 #구경잼 #혼자는외로워 #산책 _ #이민호 #李敏鎬 #イミンホ #李敏镐 #LeeMinHo #ActorLeeMinHo #TheKingEternalMonarch ‬ ‪#더킹영원의군주 ‬‪#TheKing永远的君主‬ ‪#ザキング永遠の君主 #จอมราชันบัลลังก์อมตะ #더킹 #TheKing ‪#더킹_영원의군주 #TheKing_EternalMonarch #TKEMFILMING #tkem20200522

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Looks like Dadaepo beach is a perfect location to catch the sunset in Busan!

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#사진에온도를더하다 ⠀ 최근 2주 가까이 쉬는 날 없이
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어떻게 보면 욕심이지만
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물론 굳이 필요하지 않은 렌즈도 있지만
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필요한 순간이 가끔 있더라고요

어떤 날은 13kg, 어떤 날은 17kg
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걸어 다니면서 항상 마음속 후회를 하지만
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하지만 어제는 너무 덥고 힘들어서
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여러분 저처럼 촬영하지 마세요
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This K-drama gives meaning to my Friday and weekends since we’re all ‘stuck’ at home right now. According to the Korean news outlet, the filming of the drama has been ongoing since its first script reading in September 2019. Well, I must say that it’s a complex storyline and I’m not going to reveal any further. Take your time to watch Episode one and two closely.


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