Home Discoverist x CR Our Top 4 Dinner-Delivery Picks for Stay At Home Date Night
Home Discoverist x CR Our Top 4 Dinner-Delivery Picks for Stay At Home Date Night

Our Top 4 Dinner-Delivery Picks for Stay At Home Date Night


Between the nonstop headlines and the general stress of living through 2020, let’s not forget to take time to appreciate our loved ones. Indeed 2020 has turned the majority of us into homebodies and changed the way we talk about freedom and moral responsibility.

On the other hand, being stuck at home with a partner day-in, day-out can put a dampener on the flames of romance. Now, the question is, have you completely forgotten about date nights? For those who have lived apart during the circuit breaker months, you can’t dine out without making a reservation in advance these days and you ought to abide the dining out commandments strictly, one being — no alcohol beverages after 1030pm. The pressure to finish your drink is real.

Dining at home is the new normal, besides it’s time to get creative for stay-at-home date nights. Time to put on your best outfit, press play on this dinner playlist, and order a fancy meal for your special someone!

For the travel-starved lovers and foodies, we’ve rounded up some fine dinner delivery options that promise to satiate your wanderlust and tantalize your taste buds.

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1. Cheeselads 

If you have a social media account, you would have seen posts about the latest Netflix series: Emily in Paris showing up on your timeline or your friend’s Instagram story. While you can’t fulfil your Instagram couple goals in Paris yet, you can re-create simple French pleasures at home with Cheeselads‘ artisanal cheese board and charcuterie, along with a good bottle of wine.

No matter if you’re coupled up or single, here’s a treat for you! Take $11 off when you order via uNeed by Changirecommends!

2. Naga Imo

Take your date on a gastronomic journey to Japan with a spread of Japanese dishes. Fret not, you don’t need to cook up a storm, let the experts do it. Lovers of sashimi and sushi, you probably know Naga Imo serves up Omakase and Izakaya at Club Street, now you can enjoy these flavour-packed dishes at the comfort of your own home! Several must-try includes Naga Imo Salad (Japanese yam salad), Premium Truffle Waygu Don, Chutoro sushi (medium fatty tuna sushi).

3. Anjappar Restaurant

Image by epicurushongkong via instagram

Spice up your stay-at-home date night with Anjappar Restaurant that specialises in Chettinad cuisine from Southern Tamil Nadu region. The Chettinad style of cooking involves using a variety of freshly grounded spices and vegetables, which makes it a delicious option for vegetarians too.

4. Fry Rooftop Bistro & Bar

Image by Frybistro via Instagram

It can be frustrating to get a table at your favourite bar in the age of pandemic. How about ordering in? Get your grub from Fry Rooftop Bistro & Bar delivered to your home and take your date night at home to the next level when you put in efforts to style your home. Hang some fairy lights, add a teepee, and play some music, this is definitely a good reason to get all dolled up and create some insta-worthy moments.


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